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What Readers are Saying About Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

Shirl-adellie Ohara-green 

So i get up this morning and see a notification on my phone that the next part of conversions with sasquatch has been posted. Of course, in my excitement, i forget i was getting up for work, and dive headfirst into this next installment. What i read had me captured already, but then to read about ted kaczynski!?! My mind is blown, and i realize my eyes have literally widened with amazement... I have to find out more about this stunning revelation! 

Asi finished reading, i remembered why i had originally gotten out of bed, and in a panic, start scrambling to get ready for work. But then i remember today is Saturday, we open an hour later on the weekends. So I've got an extra hour to play with! Not even 9am, so between waking up to an amazing read, and an extra hour to enjoy before my work day begins, it has been a great start to the day! Thank you Richard Rensberry💖


Jo Bee  

Love it love it loveit! More please,😀👣❤

Im going to read from chapter one , as ive only read your last two chapters, as its an intriguing tale. And youve made me think im on the right track of sasquatch being more than just hairy and scary. I hope theres plenty more chapters to come on this sasquatch journey. Never stop beleiving!👍👣👀😀


Tammy Loomis  

Well, this is interesting...didn't expect to hear anything quite like this! Curious to learn more…?😏


Penelope Powers 

How utterly and wonderfully fascinating. Can’t wait to hear more and learn!!! Have fun! Wow 🤩


Robin Brou Antin 

Hi Richard FYI I’m in the flap-trapping healthcare provider. Category. And the reason I became so interested in this is because I heard a story told by a 40 something 20 years ago about his experience as a child in his grandparents property . He was all of 6 and fishing in a little backyard pond as he had done numerous times . He had a sandwich and 3 little fish at his side when a shadow casted over him . Thinking his grandpa snuck up behind him he turned around, dropped his pole and urinated on Himself as he saw a massive “thing” . He saw it looked at the fishes there at his feet and he instinctively threw his sandwich at him. The squatch leaned over grabbed the fishes and turned and walked away while we was stone still but when about 20 feet away the squatch turn back and threw back one of the three fish so he the little boy wasn’t left without anything ‘to eat ‘... wow compassion or something.. not sure what to call it .. sort of being not such as ass for stealing all your food .. but this story moved me to see the complex emotions that this animal must have . I was hooked ever since hearing this . Be safe out there


Lauren Elizabeth McCormick

This is very well written. I have trouble getting into stories, but I think I could reread this over and over. I always think that the Forest people need an ambassador to speak for them. It would be interesting to know what they know, since they are so ancient and connected to the earth. I can’t wait to read the rest of your story!

Keith Slack  

What kind of shrooms were you eating???

Linda Mecca Green  

Richard Rensberry your superb writing is so visual. I feel as though I can see, hear, taste what you are experiencing. Please continue to share your writing.  Thanks for accepting my friend request. I have a few authors in my friends list so I appreciate your name being added to that list. Before I retired a few years ago, I worked in the PR office at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania... that fact does not matter other than I recognize the marketing and writing value of what you do. Mostly, I just really enjoy your story telling about Big Foot! Reading your bio explains your way with words and how they paint a literal picture. It seems so real and from the heart, doesn't every author want to hear that? Thank you for sharing your writing/experiences on the various Big Foot pages. I'm ready for part 9! Take care.

Bob Lawrason    

I love this book and the way the Sasquatch use kenaf. Great book for fun with insights into social justice and more. Spread the word about kenaf while getting a unique gift for others to enjoy. 


A Sasquatch Rhyme For Young Readers.

Illustrated by Mary Rensberry

with playful Bigfoot Illustrations. 

Have a Healthy and Resourceful New Year!




On Christmas Day

put an ear to a maple

or birch and listen…. you’ll hear

the bells of Cross Over ring

through the trees of the forest

where the Bigfoot reign.


They are the bells from a hammer

and a chisel on stone, the bells of a miracle

being carved out of bone.

They are the bells of Leeitus

and the bells of Pariseema, the toll

of Awakening in a brand new world.


They are the bells of the Elders

from the Temple of Myrrh…. the bells of a harkening

and the bells to concur

the best is yet to come.  


Richard Rensberry  12/21/20

Author of Conversations With Sasquatch



Cross Over-  The Sasquatch world


Leeitus-  Son of the Elder Sasquatch Loquius


Pariseema- Sasquatch center for Ethics and Common Sense


Awakening-  The Winter Solstice high frequency energy of enlightenment


Elders-  Council of the Sasquatch Elders who are many thousands of years old 


Temple of Myrrh-  Temple located in Pariseema for spiritual celebrations.  

Conversations With Sasquatch, Cross Over will be published Spring of 2021

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